We dare not forget – violence against women

we still need to remember

What a crappy thing to commemorate. Today, December 6, 2020 marks thirty-one years since the Montreal Massacre. A major turning point when violence against women because random and focused.

When a very sick soul gunned down 14 women attending university. Their crime? They were attending university – at an engineering school, a profession that traditionally “belonged” to men. You can read a very sad article about the survivors of this attack here.

Even 39 years ago, violence against women wasn’t new. Rape, spousal abuse, FGM, femicide, honor killings – they all had existed for centuries.

But today, even in our #metoo culture, or perhaps because of the #metoo culture, we’ve got yet another category of violence against women.

For the past few weeks, yet another poor soul is on trial for driving his van into women on the sidewalk in 2018. I will not mention his name, or the body count. But I will tell you he is a self-described “ incel” – a group of  men who are involuntarily celibate (hence the clever name)  because horrible women won’t give them sex! Yup.

No sex dolls for these young specimens, realistic or not. They demand the real thing, and when they don’t get what they believe they are entitled to, they seek to impose whatever death penalty they can muster.

The common element to all this focused hatred of women, is the belief that women are getting in the way of their entitlement!

Another common element: they have no other way to voice their pain. And it has turned to festering, putrid rage. A too-common result of toxic masculinity, which hurts everyone.

We are all in this world together.

#nomore  – the no more campaign

Face image by SeifenBlase from Pixabay