Sanity and penguins in a time of pandemic

sanityKeeping your sanity during the pandemic

Well, here we are in this new territory. All of us, across the globe. How fascinating (and dreadful) to watch things change on a daily basis.

Like dominos, one by one what we (probably) took for granted has stopped working. I don’t even remember what went first. Hard to believe. Waking up to news of more cases, more deaths here and abroad. And more deniers. Last week, hard to believe! This week, not so hard to believe. But difficult nevertheless.

So how do we not only survive this, but maintain our sanity? Or at least prevent a downward spiral?

For me (apart from keeping in touch with friends and family), watching TV sitcoms and funny videos has helped. Is helping. One in particular captured my attention. I have watched it countless times. Perhaps you too have seen it – the one from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, featuring Wellington the penguin.

Because the aquarium was closed, the workers let a few penguins out to waddle around. Very cute. But the cuteness was not what kept me coming back to watch again and again. It was Wellington, an adorable little guy who looked up at the fish swimming behind the glass. He shuffled over a bit to the next window, and kept turning around in befuddlement. As if to say, “Wha-a-ah?” “Wha-a-ahs going on here?” “Wha-a-ah???”

After the umpteenth time, I realized that Wellington was me. Is me.”

After the umpteenth time, I realized that Wellington was me. Is me.  Looking around at my world. In amazement. And curiosity. And confusion. At what is happening with corona-v.

I have also turned to my favorite inspirational people online. And clicked on news articles demonstrating the goodness in people and in the human spirit. Like the lone trumpeter in Italy, who stands on his balcony and plays John Lennon’s “Imagine.” This one made me cry (which I needed to do). So I have cried, and I have laughed. And I have prayed.

What are you doing to nourish your own spirit?