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Emotional Eating is a symptomTop 20 emotional eating symptoms

Most people do some emotional eating, under stress or when celebrating
But occasional emotional eating can become a hard-to-break habit, lead to binge-eating, bulimia or food addiction, and difficult to change

How many of the top 20 emotional eating symptoms listed below apply to you?

1.  You eat for comfort
2.  You eat when you’re bored
3.  You eat when you’re stressed out
4.  You use food as reward

boredom and emotional eating
sooo bored

5.  You use food to stop feelings you don’t want to feel
6.  You eat to squelch anger, frustration, or fear
7.  You eat to avoid any sadness or grief
8.  You eat when confused, to get some relief

9.  You use food when faced with a lack of hope
10. You eat as a way to help you cope
11. You use food to get calm when you’ve made a mistake
12. You eat when you’ve got a decision to make

Depression and emotional eating


13. You eat even when you’re not hungry
14. You eat even when you feel full
15. You use food as a friend, when you feel alone
16. You love shopping for goodies to savor at home

17. You eat for the pleasure and for the food-fun
18. You use food to wind down when your day is done
19. You think about food and eating a lot
20. Food helps you pretend all is fine, when it’s not