Picture of a Tree Showing All Seasons Individual psychotherapy in Toronto

changehappens offers both
in-person psychotherapy and
online treatment

changehappens for your emotional and mental health needs

In general, we tend to overlook our mental health or emotional health. Until there’s a bit of a crisis, or until we realize we aren’t living the life we want.

Since the pandemic crisis, we are all living with the stress of uncertainty and change. People need therapy for mental and emotional issues more than ever. It’s not easy for anyone.

So, if you are having a tough time and need some support, changehappens  offers  online treatment and in -person sessions in Toronto Canada to help you through.  Whether you struggle with anxiety or depression, or disordered eating (binge eating, bulimia, food addiction, compulsive or emotional eating) or simply feel overwhelmed with everything, let us know.

Natalie Gold, RP, of changehappens has provided mental health and wellness services in Toronto since 2007 — from individual psychotherapy and support groups to self-empowering personal development workshops.

Just fill out the contact form on the right menu and arrange for a free phone consult. Or phone 416-654-6453.

Feel free to explore the changehappens site first. Read about the Gestalt approach used as the foundation for emotional and mental health.  Look through the areas of specialization.  Visit the binge-eating files if you’re looking for research related to binge eating or addiction.


one of the few absolutes we can count on
we can respond to change in a passive way
or react when change happens.
or…we can take a more active role
and create the change we want in our lives
or at least choose our response when change happens
my vision is to help you do just that