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Psychotherapy services at include:

Individual psychotherapy

Why do people choose individual psychotherapy?  Click here

psychotherapy in torontoAt, individual psychotherapy is available for adults and older teens (16+) as well as families and members of the LGBTQ community

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions last a full 60-minute hour.  Longer sessions may also be requested
  • Insurance is currently accepted from some insurance companies either directly or through an association with and supervision by a licensed Psychologist
  • Appointments are usually held at my home office, but arrangements can be made for them to be held at your home, under certain circumstances
  • Why choose individual psychotherapy?  Click here psychotherapy services include two types of groups.  Both provide a secure and confidential space where individuals can work on their own particular issues within the context of a group setting.  Most group sessions last for 2 – 2½ hours.

Professionally Led Support Groups

Support groups led by a professional facilitator (such of Registered Psychotherapist Natalie Gold) may last from 2 to 6 to 8 weeks.

Participants each have certain goals or issues they want to work on.

The therapist facilitates the sessions, and provides support and guidance.

Support group members also receive and offer guidance and support to one another, and may arrange contact outside of the group.

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Therapy groups

Therapy groups are generally ongoing and are not limited to a particular period of time.  The therapist provides guidance, support and direction.  Group members may have similar issues (such as binge eating or body image concerns), or different ones.  But somehow, the group provides a backdrop and additional support for participants.

Currently, there are no therapy groups running.

Personal Development Workshops

At, two types of workshops are available

  • Natalie has also created customized workshops on a range of topics to groups, organizations and companies since 2004.  If your group or organization is interested in having a workshop presented on a particular topic, will be happy to develop one based on your specific needs and time frame.

Public Speaking and Presentations psychotherapy services differentiates between public speaking and presentations in that public speaking is more psychotherapy-services-toronto-speaking-changehappens.cainformal and usually takes the form of a discussion, without many (or any) visual aids.  A presentation is more formal, and along with the discussion, usually includes some type of prepared slideshow, demonstration or even a Gestalt experiment, plus relevant handouts.

  • Public speaking:  There is no fee to speak or make a presentation to any non-profit group or organization on any topic related to mental health, emotional health, or personal development.  For other groups or organizations, a nominal fee can be negotiated.  My speaking experience and expertise extends mainly to eating disorders (including binge eating), food addiction, addictions in general, anger management, assertiveness, self-esteem, creativity and spirituality
  • Presentationscan be tailored to your group or organization on any topic related to mental health, emotional health, personal development, and psychotherapy.



Coaching at is usually done on an individual basis, and is available for adults and older teens (16+)

  • The purpose of coaching is to help you (1) realize what you want, (2) set some goals, and (3) formulate a  plan to help you accomplish your goals
  • The initial sessions last a full 60-minute hour, until you are ready for 30-minute accountability sessions, which can be in person or over the phone
  • Insurance may not cover coaching sessions


Please contact if you are interested in any of these psychotherapy services in the Toronto area.  We are in midtown, not too far from the Annex, Forest Hill, Hillcrest and Yorkdale areas.

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