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Welcome to, providing services in Toronto aimed at mental health and wellness, ranging from individual psychotherapy and groups to self-empowering personal growth and development workshops.

  • When it comes to physical health, there’s generally no stigma in looking for information.
  • But when it comes to mental health or emotional health, that’s another story.  We’re not taught to pay attention to our mental or emotional wellness.  So we tend to wait until there’s a bit of a crisis, or until we realize we aren’t living the life we want.  And because there’s still a stigma attached to getting help for mental and emotional issues, we delay until things get really bad.
  • While we may feel freer to talk openly about our physical conditions and what the doctor recommends, we are much less open when it comes to our mental or emotional need for psychotherapy. Sometimes, its because we aren’t clear what psychotherapy is.  (To find out more about psychotherapy, click here.)
  • So if you’ve landed on looking for help because you don’t want to continue the way things are, or because you recognize some unsolved mental or emotional issues might be getting in your way, congratulations on your courage.
  • Whether you struggle with depression or anxiety, have an eating disorder (anything from binge eating or bulimia to their precursors — emotional eating) or an addiction (to a substance or behavior pattern), or are just going through a difficult time and need some support, you might want to come for an initial consultation.
  • But look around the site first.  Check us out.  Read about the holistic Gestalt approach used as the foundation for emotional and mental health in individual psychotherapy sessions, as well as for support groups and personal development workshops.  Look through the areas of specialization.  Visit the resources page if you’re looking for helpful sites related to binge eating or addiction.


one of the few absolutes we can count on.
we can respond to change in a passive way
or react when change happens.
or…we can take a more active role
and create the change we want in our lives.
or at least choose our response when change happens.
my vision is to help you do just that
in individual psychotherapy, groups, and workshops

If you’d like more information, or have a question, fill out the contact form on the menu.  If you’d like to arrange an appointment or consultation, please phone 416-654-6453.